What do we do in ATRIA?

What do we do in ATRIA Innovation?

We provide solutions to the industrial problems of our customers through projects based on new technologies in materials and I4.0.

Our service is flexible and fully adapted to the needs of our customers.

Industry 4.0


Improvement diagnosis and case study

We study what technology you need to increase the efficiency of your production process. We work in the substitution of traditional technologies for the most advanced available in order to obtain greater performance and efficiency.

Once the technology or technique to be replaced has been detected, we carry out a thorough study where we analyze the possibilities of substitution, as well as the competitive advantages obtained with the new technology. The objectives we look for are:

  • Process digitalization
  • Cost reduction and process integration
  • Quality improvement
  • Increase ergonomics
  • Industry 4.0 and robotization. Introduction of vision systems 



Concept tests

Once a technology has been selected for the improvement of a productive process, tests that do not require an investment or high cost for the client are carried out. This helps to reduce risks in the following steps of the project.

In this phase, important process parameters are detected such as costs, cycle times that guarantee the viability or not of the proposed solution.

Technical validations

Technical validation of the application and demonstrators, prototype stations, design of claws and tools,…

Programming and reproduction of the real workstation, to check the technical feasibility of the application and ensure the robustness of the system (study of variants, layout, ..).


Supplier selection, integration, industrial validation, and technical support.

The selected technologies or techniques are transferred to a productive environment according to the needs and characteristics of the customer by defining specific facilities and processes.

A selection of the most appropiate suppliers is made taking into account the characteristics of the project and the needs of the customer.

Together with them, the final facilities are defined and designed. Finally, the customer installation is done.

Training and transfer of Know-How

We transfer the knowledge about the application we have developed for our customer to the engineering and / or maintenance team.

We offer training reaching the level of detail that our customer requires.

Technology consulting

We study what technology or functionality you need to improve your product.

This service consists of collecting and analyzing the existing information about a technology.

We study the sectors in which it is used, competitors companies that are using it and the improvements it can bring to your product or process.

Materials development

Design of materials with the desired properties. It can be from a modification of the current material to a replacement with another material that provides new functionalities.

Once the requirements of the new desired material have been defined, all the possibilities available for the industrial sector or for prototype applications are studied.

The requirements can be from:

  • New features: self-cleaning, anti-ice, anti-fingerprint, anti-lime …
  • Smart thermochromic, hydrochromic, electrochromic, photoluminescent, self-repairing, graphene…
  • Cost reduction
  • Reduction of the ecological footprint
  • Biodegradable

Concept tests

They consist in the realization of tests or studies that can give the necessary information to decide whether or not to invest or implement a technique or technology.

They are defined and specific tests in order to answer questions about this technology.

This reduces the risk in decision-making or avoiding investments that over time prove unnecessary or unproductive.

Prototype validation

It is the process that converts a technology that has given positive results in a design stage into a technology applicable through a prototype.

Failure Study

Study of the facts related to failures, anomalous behavior incidents with the objective of locating and identifying the cause of the problem.

  • Detection of defective or damaged
  • Simulation of extreme conditions
  • Search for the cause and the reason for the failure to prevent it

Tests design

In some cases there is no applicable regulation or more extreme conditions are looked for than the standard, in such cases, we offer a test design service adapted to the needs of our customer.

We have equipment availability both in the area of ​​physical and chemical tests and we also perform combinations with robots to automate tests and achieve greater reliability.

Product design

It is a personalized product design service with advanced properties.
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