Upcycling is one of the buzzwords, but what exactly does this term mean? Is it art, design or reuse?

We tell you!

Upclycling is the use of objects, which, with a little creativity, is transformed into objects with greater value. Normally part of a material or base object whose destination would be the recycling bin, but thanks to this new resource becomes something new with a new functionality.

This term is similar to the term recycling, but the difference between them is that by upcycling the material or object does not lose its original form, being able to clearly identify what that object was before its new utility.

This new system can also be applied to clothing, according to studies, we only use 20% of the clothes we have in the closet. The upcycling is a good option to reuse garments and fabrics making new ones.

The main advantages of upcycling are;

– To add value to objects that are going to be discarded

– Lengthen the life of materials

– Stop unnecessary consumption

Not everything that seems useless at first glance is. Here are some examples of how to reuse a bathtub:


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