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Companies use design as a strategy to strengthen their image, develop new products, reduce costs and improve processes and services, among others. It is a discipline that is increasingly important.

In ATRIA we use industrial design to create any product that suits the needs of the client, from concepts to manufacturable real parts.

Know the industrial design

It is a creative and technical discipline that consists in the creation and development of a product that meets the needs of the target consumer and it is produced in series by industrial resources. It is about projecting products that have a direct interaction with the user (they can be consumer goods, capital, public use or services); that are standardized and in series in their production, and that try to be innovative or creative within the technological field (in terms of operation, technique of realization and management of resources), in order to increase their value.

If we look closely at the shape of any product, how it adapts to our hands, the comfort when using it, the exact measurements, the colors, the graphic image itself and the packaging and much more, we can realize that everything is designed to the millimeter, which is an indispensable requirement to get the best user experience and the increased demand for said product.

Double diamond process

All design disciplines share the same creative process, according to the Design Council (British entity that promotes design) and they call this process “The Double Diamond.”

First, all possible ideas (divergent thinking) are defined and then reduced to the best idea (convergent thinking) through different selection criteria. This is what is represented by one of the diamonds, but the other refers to the iteration, since once it diverges and converges to confirm the definition of the problem and another to create the solution. The process is cyclic, since feedback is given continuously, which is essential to refine the design.

What are the phases of the creative process?

Taking into account the double diamond process, four major phases can be distinguished in the design:

  1. Discover: at the beginning of the project designers look at the world with clean eyes, trying to discover and perceive new things. In this phase the market, the user, the environment are investigated … and interviews are conducted, empathized, information is collected …
  2. Define: the designers make sense of all the possibilities identified in the previous phase. The objective is to develop a brief with the design requirements to carry out the convergence, reducing all that wide range of possibilities of designing, for example, a motorized hoist, to a more concrete approach, knowing what requirements we want that motorized hoist to meet, already either because we are interested in it being cheaper, smaller, etc. or because we see that products with x characteristics are more successful in the market
  3. Develop: in this phase solutions are created, ideas are drawn, concepts are proposed and prototypes, tests and repetitions are carried out according to the feedback received from the client and all the participants in the process, such as the injector.
4. Deliver: it is the delivery phase, where the project is finished to launch it to the market.

We will tell you more about industrial design in subsequent posts.

If you are interested in designing a product, contact us and we will propose different solutions according to your needs, technologies and current market, we are constantly evolving!

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