Do you know what a quality test is and what it is for?

Today we bring you one of the subjects of Materials in which we work most and of which we have been presenting some success stories in the section of Projects. We talk about the quality tests and homologation.

Do you want to control the quality of your product, but you do not know where to go? Does your quality department have no time or capacity to perform more tests? Do you need to approve your new material to have a greater impact on the market? ATRIA Innovation can help you!

Types of quality tests

We have the necessary equipment to perform all kinds quality tests, such as checking the chemical composition of your product to certify that there are no external compounds; the analysis of the loss of properties of the materials with the use to verify that the behavior is above the established limits; or the study of the mechanical wear of parts subjected to continuous work cycles to ensure that during their lifetime they will not suffer any fatigue breakage.

Through quality tests it is possible to know if your new product will lose properties when it is outdoors. Through tests of climatic chamber, thermal shock chamber and for example salt spray tests it is possible to determine it.
Do you want to know if your new coating will lose grip with continued rubbing? We will test it with the most suitable materials during the cycles that are necessary to obtain valid conclusions.
Do you need to know if your new mechanism endures more cycles than the previous one? Thousands of cycles for us are not a problem, so we can take your mechanisms to the limit until the failure is made.

We have a large number of equipment for conducting tests of different types, among which we can highlight:

Physical-chemical tests

• Contact angle
• Surface tension
• Gas chromatograph
• Climatic chamber
• Thermal shock chamber
• Thermal imager
• Water chamber
• pH meter
• Potentiostat (corrosion)
• Salt spray chamber
• Microdurometer
• Profileometer (roughness, 3D mapping)
• Texturometer
• Tensile, compression, flexural tests
• Microbalances
• Scratch tests
• Abrasion and washability tests
• Viscometer
• Porosimetry
• Microbiology

Optical tests

• Brightness

• Luminosity

• Colorimetry

• Transmittance, reflectance


• Optical microscope (until x1000)

• UV-VIS spectrophotometer

• Defect inspection and detection

Repetitive tests / cycles

• Cycles through robots

• Abrasion cycles

• Tensile testing

• Bending tests

As you can see, with these machines a great variety of materials can be tested, and they cover many of the quality tests that are normally carried out in the industry.

Experience and knowledge. New tests development

The union of all these devices together with the rigor, reliability and experience of our experts, makes us capable of being able to develop new quality tests that adapt to the requirements, since sometimes the standards, UNE, ISO … do not cover all the needs of the new products.

If you want to implement a quality test in your line and you don’t know how to carry it out, we can also advise you so you can find thebest test that suits your materials, circumstances and devices in addition to our knowledge of years of experience in multiple sectors. You will be able to check your pieces quality in the easiest and most reliable way,

In addition, we can provide homologation tests so your products will have the certification you need. We take care of managing everything necessary for you to receive the results directly, without having to manage the different laboratories to perform all the tests that need to be done to meet a single standard.

To sum up, if you want a quality test or homologation, if it exists we will do it, and if it does not exist … also!! We can carry out custom tests for your needs.

Did you find it interesting? Do you need a quality test or homologation? Contact with us.

Here you can see some of the quality tests and / or homologation Projects that we have carried out:

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