Society is finally opening the doors to Augmented Reality (AR), a concept that combines the real world with the virtual world to enrich the user experience.

It has very positive and highly creative applications for the cultural and entertainment industry;  we could already see it with the success of Pokemon Go app and now it has been Mark Zuckeberg, CEO of Facebook, who has launched a platform that allows developers to create augmented reality tools for the smartphone camera (Nike, Electronic Arts and Warner Bros have been some of its first partners) .

But not only the entertainment industry is taking advantage of it, business sector is also beginning to apply it. It can become the perfect ally of the digitization processes of companies from different sectors, from Industry 4.0 to advertising or experiential marketing. Thus, with the right interface, you can provide help on an assembly line, warn by projecting a danger to an operator / user or provide very useful information for a professional to speed up their work, among others.


Large companies such as BMW (with a user-vehicle interaction app), Thyssenkrupp (to improve their efficiency in the configuration, operation and maintenance of passenger rolling aisles) or Hospital Virgen del Rocío in Spain (glasses to plan their surgeries) are already getting great results thanks to it. Discover other very interesting cases here.


According to the DigiCapital report, augmented reality will move $ 120 billion in 2020, compared to $ 30 billion in virtual reality. Virtual reality will focus more on games and movies, while augmented reality has a much wider potential market, with hundreds of millions of users.

However, a new concept has emerged that unites the best of both: mixed reality, which goes one step beyond augmented reality in a tablet or mobile, offering a layer of information about physical reality. Microsoft HoloLenses lenses, which we have already tested in our lab and which we talk about in another post, are a good example of this.

Realidad Aumentada Microsoft HoloLenses

We have already begun to test them in industrial environments to read data screens in real time, visualize quality indexes and data sheets, among other functions. A real wonder!

If you want to introduce augmented reality in the factory and make the production process more efficient, consult our engineering team:

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