How many times have you gone to a store to look at the clothes and what you have tried? Now with the virtual mirror that problem will not exist. With this mirror an avatar is created and you can make as many combinations of images.

Customization on clothing goes hand by hand with Industry 4.0. The consumer increasingly tends towards the personalization of the product. For this reason, the fashion industry is reinventing itself and one of the novelties that most attract attention is the virtual mirror.

The new virtual mirror could produce a custom-made garment in less than 20 minutes. This mirror is connected to the factory so orders arrive directly there to make the garment to the buyer’s taste.

The mirror has a camera on the screen with which it scans the client’s measurements and creates a 3D avatar. This, choose the model, the pattern and the design. By giving the confirmation begins to produce the fabric and to make the chosen garment. This cloth is produced entirely by autonomous machines and robots that sew the seams and pack the final garment that will be delivered to the customer.

This new technology not only serves to make clothes to the taste of the consumer, but also to prove clothes in a virtual way, something that can even be seen in a store today. This avatar can be kept to make different combinations of clothes from your home.

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