Do you want to know a new method for tire recovery? In this blog we tell you how they are being valued!

In ATRIA we are very aware of recycling, so we bring you this post. Are you familiar with the amount of tires that are discarded annually? Burning is usually used to eliminate these wastes, but this technique produces emissions with harmful particles.

Little by little, awareness of the recycling of these is taking place and companies specialized in tire recycling are emerging.

The most ecological way to reuse them is to adapt them as renewed tires. If this is not possible, a new way to reuse them is to use them for the manufacture of running tracks. There are running tracks which are made of 75% of crushed tires.

And what about the traffic signs made with recycled tires? It is a new initiative that manages to reduce CO2 emissions since these new signals incorporate 55% of recycled material.

We believe that using recycled materials for the construction of elements is a great initiative!

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