Sectors for which we work

In ATRIA we offer our services and expertise in Industry 4.0 and Materials to our customers, whatever the sector of activity. Through our team of professionals, we help you to develop innovative products, materials with advanced or more sustainable properties. In ATRIA we work to respond to the challenges in different sectors.




Defense and Naval

Health and Pharma


 Automotive Sector

The automotive sector is constantly changing and has very high innovation and quality requirements. Faced with the challenges of the automotive industry, ATRIA Innovation offers flexible solutions tailored to each client. Our projects focus on the development of new processes or optimization of existing ones in an Industry 4.0 environment.


What we bring to our customers:

  • Productivity and cycle time improvement
  • Automation of processes with many variants
  • Quality and failure prediction
  • Cost reduction
  • Ergonomics and improvement of workstations
  • Metrology and defect detection

Retail Sector

The retail industry is undergoing a major transformation and continuous evolution. Consumers demand powerful user experiences at the point of sale and fast and efficient logistics management. From ATRIA we work with Retail companies both in Materials and Industry 4.0. to connect our customers with their consumers.

What we bring to our customers:

  • Unforgettable user experiences
  • Water resistant materials
  • Cost reduction
  • Process modernization
  • Automation of highly variable processes
  • Quality and failure prediction
sector retail

Household appliances and consumer goods 

Today’s appliances make our lives easier through their many features. What will the appliance factories of tomorrow be like? ATRIA Innovation’s engineers combine passion and expertise for home appliances. Every day, they support the development and manufacturing teams to improve both the materials and the manufacturing processes of household appliances.


What we bring to our customers:

  • New functionalities and user experience
  • Process modernization
  • Assembly assistance for operators
  • Identification of parts or intruders
  • Verification of parts assembly

Defense and Naval Sectors

The technologies we have worked with:

  • Laser technology
  • Thermochromic materials
  • Sensor monitoring

What we bring to our customers:

  • Monitoring projects
  • Control and exploitation of data for the energy sector

Health and Farma

The health and pharmacy sector is a sector that requires high standards of quality and precision. Technological advances enable greater control, registration and intercommunication between the different health areas. We support you in the development of new, more technological healthcare environments. In the pharmaceutical sector we work to improve industrial processes and solve complex challenges.


What we bring to our customers:

  • More efficient processes
  • Process verification through artificial vision
  • Product quality and improvement
  • Traceability of people or elements
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Intelligent room

Agrifood Sector

We lead the evolution of these sectors thanks to our developments in intelligent robotics and machine vision. Our work consists of implementing the technologies that best adapt to the challenges both in food and in the modernization of agriculture. The agri-food sector is the first sector in Spain and the fourth in Europe and from ATRIA we are committed to its continuous evolution and adaptation.


What we bring to our clients:

  • Process modernization
  • Production optimization
  • Monitoring of parameters and properties

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