Today we want to tell you in the blog what we do in the division ATRIA ECO area.

For those of you who do not know, ATRIA ECO is the ATRIA area specializing in recycled products and waste processing. We help our clients to find new business opportunities from the reuse of materials.

A large amount of materials that end up in the landfill, for example, out of use products or waste generated in the industry, have the potential to be reused; However, many of them end up buried or incinerated, thus closing any way of wasting.

At ATRIA, we are committed to recycling and valorization as a basis for designing and manufacturing more sustainable products.

– We help companies to know the potential of the waste they generate.

– We characterize in our laboratory the physical and chemical properties of recycled materials.

– We analyze the technical feasibility of the use of recycled materials and waste in the manufacture of products.

– We advise on the substitution of materials and the design of more environmentally sustainable products.

– We help our clients to establish collaborations, synergies and find business partners to carry out R & D projects

We often solve questions like:

What does this waste contain? Does it have potential? Who could be interested? In what sectors or products could it be used? In what state is the technology to do so? Can we prove it in a prototype?

If you are thinking of launching a product with recycled materials, incorporate recycled or believe that the waste you generate may have potential. Write us!