Have you heard about recycled materials for construction?
Little by little, recycling and the reuse of raw materials are becoming more important. There are many research groups.
We tell you!

Concrete, one of the most used materials in construction, can be manufactured with recycled materials, which can be the majority compound, up to 85% of its final composition. The raw materials used are:

  • Rice husk ashes instead of the use of a high-cost chemical activator.
  • Domestic aluminum foil, substituent of aluminum powder metal whose task is to aerate the material to provide low density concrete.
  • Residues or slag from processes for obtaining iron and fuel, used as substitute precursors of commercial cement.

It has been shown that cement can also incorporate recycled and natural materials in its composition. In the case of cement, olive ash is used (coming from its burning for energy production), substituent of the synthesis chemical reagent and slag from blast furnaces that replace the cement.

The main advantage of manufacturing cement with recycled materials is the low carbon footprint produced during its manufacture, reducing the total emissions of greenhouse gases up to 20 times.

Another big step towards a sustainable economy and a reduction of greenhouse gases!

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