Radiofrequency heating study

Radiofrequency heating study


Our client works with an old radiofrequency heating system and wants to replace it with a more current one. The necessary knowledge to be able to make modifications and changes to the system is not kept.


Acquire the necessary knowledge to understand how radiofrequency heating works in manufactured parts, so that our client can choose a current device suitable for their process.



ATRIA Solution

Our client had specific questions about radio frequency heating. The ATRIA team took these questions as a starting point and carried out a bibliographic study to obtain the necessary information to be able to answer them.

After completing this initial phase, the client learned, among other aspects, what actually happens to the material when it is heated by radiofrequency, as well as what are the most important variables in the process, and different methods to control and record the temperature. in your specific case.

Once the knowledge of the machine it has and the radiofrequency heating technology were transferred to the client, the material to be heated was characterized. In this case, DSC and TGA tests were carried out to determine the thermal behavior of decomposition and changes in thermal transitions. Subsequently, tests were carried out to characterize the specific heat and the dielectric loss factor of the material.

Once both the operation of the machine and the characteristics of the material to be heated were known, the client was able to choose the new radiofrequency heating machine that best suited his needs.

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