Manufacture of micro-perforated prototypes

Manufacture of micro-perforated prototypes


The customer needs to develop some prototypes of micro-perforated steel parts to test which of their new part designs is the most suitable.


  • Achieve the production of a micro-perforated prototype with the customer’s specifications by means of laser technology.


Manufacture of micro-perforated prototypes

ATRIA Solution

A market survey of laser machines specialized in microdrilling applications was carried out. In this way, we chose the one that was expected to give the best results. The specifications of the material to be processed were established, as well as the pattern of holes to be drilled in the prototype. The material selected was stainless steel with a thickness of 0.6 mm, and the diameter of the micro-perforated holes was set at 0.4 mm.

Once the material was received, laboratory tests were carried out to find the appropriate laser configuration and parameters to carry out the correct microperforation of the prototypes. Finally, 10 prototypes were made with the design provided by the customer, with a high quality and dimensional stability in the microperforations made, as well as a low cycle time.

These prototypes were delivered to the customer for testing and validation of the technique and of the prototypes manufactured using laser technology.

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