At ATRIA we work on the development of a new generation of surface solutions that improve cleaning properties of plastic products. Today we tell you one of them.

Do you remember our post about the 5 trends in Materials for 2019? Yes? Well today we go in deeper with one of them: Photovoltaic Glass.

Photovoltaic Glass consists of traditional glass, to which a photosensitive coating is added. This coating is composed of amorphous silicon and it is responsible for converting the sunlight that reaches the glass in electrical energy, being highly efficient even with cloudy skies.

We know that with this description you will ask, and how is it different from a traditional photovoltaic plate? The answer is simple: this glass can be transparent!

Transparency, together with the simplicity of the method of obtaining electricity, is what makes Photovoltaic Glass applications so interesting, and it can technically be used to replace any object that has a glass or crystal.

In this way, right now you can find in the market several Photovoltaic Glasses that configure the facades of buildings, thus providing electricity and facilitating self-consumption. But here is not where the thing ends. We could see in the near future that for example our windows provide us with electricity, the canopies plugs to recharge the mobile phone while we wait for the bus, or that directly our own phones are recharged while we use them in the outside when exposed to the sun.

In addition to all the potential applications discussed, it should be noted that these glasses have also a great protection against the ultraviolet and infrared radiation of the sun, and in turn provide a great acoustic and thermal insulation.

What do you think? Do you plan to use Photovoltaic Glass in 2019? Tell us in our RRSS or write us.