How excited we were to tell you about our work with DEC BBDO and Nescafé! As you know almost all our projects are super confidential and we can not tell you about them but in this case it is an advertising project so the more people know it the better 🙂

The idea came from the hand of DEC BBDO, great professionals of Marketing and Advertising, who thought about our hydrochromic and thermochromic materials for the campaign of Nescafe ‘Decaffeine only with water’, and is that you knew that the decaffeinated of Nescafé is decaffeinated only with water? Great!, true?

After some meetings in Barcelona to define the project, in ATRIA we got to work. Our customer wanted the coffee bean to change its color when it was shot with a water gun in the stands that would be placed in different  shopping centers of Barcelona. The change of color of the coffee bean had to be from brown to green to show that it is only needed water to decaffeinate the coffee. In addition, there should also appear in contact with the water, white letters over the red background that would show the prize for the participant.


We did a great search on hydrochromics and thermochromics that could get wet, that would turn to the color that our client liked and stay perfect for the necessary time. We made them different application tests: by dip-coating, by spreading, with types of nozzles, with more pressure, with different solvents. A madness that we love! We performed laboratory tests by immersing the posters in water, wetting them, drying them and re-wetting them, they were perfect!

Once we sent them to DEC BBDO and verified that our customer was satisfied they realized the magic of advertising and mounted the beautiful stands.

As you can see, we can not only do R&D in machines, pieces and factories but we can apply it in sectors that you might not have imagined, ask us;)

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