How is being the back to school? To soften it we bring you the infinite notebook. But, is this possible? The thermochromic pigments have the answer.


The book in question is called Rocketbook Wave and has two aspects that make it special: it allows you to scan the QR you have in each corner of each page through artificial vision with your smartphone. This may not surprise you because there are some apps that work very similarly. His second feature is what has fascinated us: you can delete everything you have written putting the notebook in the microwave along with a cup of water for a few minutes. The result: a new notebook!

Actually, the responsible for the notebook to be like new is the ink of the PILOT FRIXION PEN. This pen contains an ink with thermochromic pigments that turn white when reaching about 60ºC appearing to ‘disappear’ with white sheets background. The thermochromic they use is capable of recovering the color below -15 ° C so if you forget the notebook in the car on a cold winter morning, all your past entries will reappear!
This ink is also cleared by the friction generated by the eraser at the top of the pen but if you think it carefully the friction generates the heat needed to reach 60ºC in that point needed to become white ink.
From ATRIA we encourage you to think in new applications with thermochromics. If something as simple as pen and paper can make the most of this technology, there are for sure thousands of possibilities yet to be discovered. In ATRIA we can help you to select the best thermochromic that fits your temperature range, color, transition time, substrate and to perform all necessary tests on your products. Until next post!

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