Do you know how warehouses, logistics centers or not-so-large facilities are automated? One option is the use of autonomous vehicles such as MIRs. Today we tell you what differences exist between them and what they can do.

Within MIR there are 2 different groups of AGV, each one thought to different tasks. On the one hand, we have the light MIRs formed by models 100 and 200; on the other hand, we have those focused on high loads, models 500 and 1000.

The MIR 100, one of the first of its kind, is capable of carrying loads up to 100 kg although, if it is equipped with its Hook module, it can drag up to 300 kg. As an example of applications, a small robot can be incorporated into its structure, allowing it to be a mobile robotic arm. In this way you can go to different places of the installation where its use is required. The MIR 200 is equal on a physical level, with the improvement of capacity, since it is capable of carrying 200 kg weights and drag 500 kg with the Hook.

High load MIRs have been designed to automate the transport of pallets and supporting structures. The 500 model is capable of carrying 500 kg on its platform (although, at the moment, it does not allow dragging like the previous ones), compared to the MIR 1000 that allows us to increase this figure to 1000 kg.

Another advantage is its high speed, being able to reach 1.5m / s and 1.1m / s for the MIR 100 and 200 respectively at full load, being 1.2 m / s (2.0 m / s without load) for the 500 and 1000 models.

The MIR is able to enter and exit elevators, so it can move through different floors thanks to its vision, sensor and wireless communication system that allows these elevators to be controlled.

Do you want to install AGVs in your facilities, but you do not know how to do it or if it will be useful? Contact us and let’s study the case!

In ATRIA we work with all MIR models, having carried out several projects with them. We always study each of your cases with the aim of obtaining the best configuration for the desired functionality, as well as the necessary model depending on the load to move both in weight and in shape. Also, as part of the development, all necessary elements are designed and manufactured, such as cars, platforms, pallet lifts, …