Materials Engineering

Research of new materials and forensic engineering. Eco-innovation, tests and quality.

We develop new materials, new functions and solve the quality problems of your products

Materials engineering adds value to your product through the improvement of its features and the incorporation of new functions. In addition, it allows you to solve quality problems and predict possible failures.

ATRIA works like your own research and development department. A flexible and personalized service so you can carry out your Projects.

New materials

Our new materials section works in three fields: smart materials, laser technology and functional surfaces . It brings value to your product and manages to differentiate you from your competitors with ATRIA Innovation.

Forensic engineering

At ATRIA we offer you a personalized research and engineering forensic service to identify the causes of failures to ensure, as far as possible, that it does not happen again.

Tests and quality

To ensure the quality and correct use of materials and products, it is necessary to evaluate their properties and characteristics. In ATRIA we carry out the complete characterization of materials and products.


In the Ecoinnovation area we help our customers to find new business opportunities from recycling and recovery of materials and waste, always looking for innovative solutions.

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