Do you know the benefits of Industry 4.0 in different sectors?

Every day, Industry 4.0 is used in more sectors and industrial areas. Either to improve industrial processes, and also for maintenance or product improvement tasks. Without doubt, the technologies that cover Industry 4.0 have been able to revolutionize the industry as it was known until now. And over the years, they have become increasingly important. Benefits can be obtained in multiple sectors by accelerating production processes, reducing errors and costs and improving workstations.

In this post we will talk about different sectors in which Industry 4.0 is being applied and how these technologies provide improvements and benefits.


Industry 4.0 in the automotive sector

In the first place, the automotive sector could not be missing, where Industry 4.0 technologies are already used in its production processes. Repetitive and not ergonomic tasks are carried out with the help of collaborative robotics, thus allowing operators and robots to live together in the same work area. On the other hand, computer vision is used both in this field and in others for the detection of defects during the early manufacturing process. This allows reducing costs by detecting failures before the product acquires more value in the production chain. Beyond the improvements and savings in production processes, as for the car itself, it is also starting to introduce Industry 4.0 technologies. Surely you have heard about autonomous driving and smart cars, which by means of sensors provide cars autonomy to essentially drive by themselves.


Augmented reality and the intermediate industry, other sectors where Industry 4.0 is applied

In the same way as in the automobile sector, what we could call the intermediate industry (manufacture of consumer goods, retail, intermediate materials …) also uses these technologies in its production processes. In addition to the computer vision and collaborative robotics that are applicable to thousands of tasks such as piece picks, metrology or code reading, we cannot forget the augmented reality, which allows, for example, to provide information and improve the ergonomics of the operators in complicated and tedious tasks. Also augmented reality and virtual reality are used in maintenance tasks eliminating manuals and information in paper format. Another of the technologies that are most used are AGVs, since they are very useful for transporting materials from one location to another in production area.


Industry 4.0 applied to the energy sector

The energy sector is another of the technologies beneficiaries of Industry 4.0. The treatment of large amounts of data, known as Big Data, allows us to optimize the use of energy, determine what types of energy are available at a lower cost at any time and even this innovation is expected to improve and develop a better use of fossil fuels and biofuels.

Do you know how the Industry 4.0 health and pharma sector applies?

In the health and pharmaceutical sector, in factories, they use technologies such as AGVs for the improvement of internal logistics, computer vision for the detection of defective ones. If we talk about medicine as a science, technologies such as 3D bioprinting have become essential tools. 3D printing techniques combined with cells and biomaterials combine to obtain tissues that have the same properties as living tissues. One of the goals is to print a fully functional human organ. Likewise, additive manufacturing also allows the creation of 3D prostheses, customizing in each case the prosthesis for the patient.

Agrifood sector, one of the last sectors to apply Industry 4.0

Finally, the agrifood sector is beginning to use technologies such as drones for the control of the fields through computer vision, or hyperspectral cameras for the detection of stones or plastics when the triage of fruits or vegetables is performed. It is a sector that has been very traditional, but that has seen the benefit in terms of quality and is now committed to the new technologies.

As you could see, Industry 4.0 opens up new perspectives that will provide an industrial development in the coming years. These technologies can be applied to almost all sectors by improving production, product quality and working conditions. This technological advance not only affects the productive processes but also that these developments allow advances in such important sectors as medicine.

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