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We increase the automation of factories in the new age 4.0

Industrial robotics technology for companies

Industrial robotics is a technology that automates industrial processes. The robotic arms and industrial automatisms are able to work with pieces of greater weight than the collaborative robotics and their size is varied, from small sizes to several meters in height. On the other hand, they need strict security measures: fencing, enclosure or access blocking among others.

Industrial robotics has been present for more than 40 years in the industrial sector, but it can be combined with technologies that have emerged in recent years within the framework of Industry 4.0 to increase the possibilities of automation that this technology can offer.

We develop solutions based on industrial and collaborative robotics combined with computer vision and machine learning algorithms. In this way, we provide intelligence to the arm or automatism so that it can adapt its movements to each situation or to the task that it must perform at each moment, gaining autonomy.

Industrial robotics. What do we do in ATRIA?

Selection of the appropriate hardware

Based on the requirements of our customers, we select the industrial robotics that best suits your needs. We also design and select the sensor necessary for the application, such as computer vision cameras, and the mechanisms and structures necessary for installation, such as profiles, rollers, automatisms, control, etc.

Software selection and preparation

We work with the main brands of industrial robotics, selecting the specific programs and environments suitable for each installation. We also know specific programming languages ​​for advanced sensors, including computer vision. We carry out all communications and information transmission within our system and abroad, allowing us to adapt to pre-existing systems.

Installation design and manufacturing

In ATRIA we design and prepare the installation based on our previous experience and the requirements of our customers. In collaboration with our partners, we manufacture all the integration, from the anchors of the robot, to the placement of lighting and sensors. Thanks to our extensive network of partners, our customer receives a turnkey installation based on industrial robotics.

Technologies associated with industrial robotics


Robotic arm

It is the most used technology in industrial robotics. The different types of robotic arms are defined by the degrees of freedom, precision and speed of movement and the carrying capacity they possess. Its great adaptability and durability are proven and tested for years in industrial environments. They allow the displacement of loads and the accomplishment of tasks automatically.

Two-three axis

 They are the first automatisms used in the industry. They are very basic with 3 movements in the cartesian axes. Although they are very simple, there are certain applications in which their reduced cost makes them very competitive.

Spider robot

They are automatisms used in applications where the speed and cycle time of the process are critical. They are mounted on a four-column porch or screwed to a ceiling over your work area.

From the anchoring element and the main body hang the claw or the actuators joined by 4 or more tensioners.

What can we get with industrial robotics?


Process automation


Picking parts in fixed positions


Assembly of small parts with pre-positioned elements


Welding and screwing processes


Provide static elements with movement


Parts transportation

Our industrial robotics projects

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