Industrial Computer Vision

Information and automatic process control on production lines

Computer Vision for factories

Industrial computer vision provides information to factory systems so that they can make decisions or carry out processes automatically. We develop solutions based on advanced and commercial computer vision from the design stage to its implementation in the factory. We adapt to the needs and requirements of our customers by customizing the development of each solution. We work from adhoc designed systems using open source libraries and neural networks to systems based on commercial solutions. We defend the interests of our clients in each project thanks to our experience in different languages/architectures and our wide network of computer vision technology manufacturers.

What do we do in industrial computer vision?

Development of algorithms or adaptation of commercial systems

We work with a wide variety of languages and environments in order to provide our customers with the system that best suits their needs. OpenCV Python, C++, SCIKIT-Learn, Python, Lab View, Halcon, Omron software.

Communication and implementation

Data visualization, communications and connection of the designed systems with pre-existing installations of our customers. We can design and modify any system we develop to adapt it to the mode of use desired by our customers.

Deep Learning

Neural Networks and learning algorithms developed by us and adapted to the needs of our clients. We also use software and algorithms already trained and released for use. Depending on the application, we adapt the necessary development and the complexity of the algorithms used.


We use a wide variety of computer vision hardware, always thinking about the most suitable for the application. We work with a wide network of suppliers who provide us with everything from intelligent cameras to industrial PCs, specific lighting, etc.

computer vision

Technologies associated with computer vision

2D vision

With 2D vision we can implement applications for character recognition, metrology or code reading, among others. It is the simplest sensor but provides a solution for many applications.


Thermographic imaging allows to detect and visualize a temperature image of the area to be inspected. It is very useful in the detection of leaks or load imbalance.

Hyperspectral Vision

The interaction of light of different spectra with matter allows information about the composition and its properties to be obtained. It is used especially in quality control.

3D vision

3D vision is used in applications such as part picking or defect detection. There are also different 3D reconstruction technologies that allow us to adapt to each application.

What are the applications of computer vision?

Inspection of defects

Metrology and fault detection

Identification of parts or intruders

Quality checks

3D reconstruction

computer vision camera
computer vision

Code reading and character recognition (OCR)

Verification of assembly on parts

Visión + robótica para pickings complejos

Data visualization

Computer Vision projects

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