Can you imagine having a robot at home that helps you or even keeps you company as a pet? This idea, which seems to come from a distant future, is getting closer and closer

The world population is older, so technologies must adapt to the world in which we live and evolve before this demographic change.

Robots are not only present in factories, more and more robots are used to keep older people, sick people or people with reduced mobility. The goal of these robots is to improve the quality of this group of people by acting as virtual assistant who occasionally recommends, for example, personalized physical activities.

A study in Australia studied its effect on patients by finding that it improved the mood of some by making them participate in more activities.

Another of the main functions of these robots is to help the elderly in their daily physical activities, to make them an exercise plan adapted to each user and through artificial intelligence to evaluate the performance of the exercise.

In addition to these robots, people is working on other systems with sensorics to monitor activities such as sleeping or monitoring health. In this way the life of the caregivers is facilitated.

And you, do you think in the future we will have this kind of robots at home? Do you like the idea?

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