Failure analysis for product and processes

In ATRIA we offer you a personalized failure analysis engineering service to identify the causes of failures to achieve, as far as possible, that it does not happen again.

The typology of failures is very diverse, from the characterization of materials and their performance, the reliability of components or the correct design and manufacture of a product.

The execution of the root cause analysis allows us to detect the main causes and to be able to work on the solution of the failure.

The conclusions of the study will allow you not only to solve the problems that have already happened, but to prevent them from happening in the future and it is a great tool to optimize productivity.

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Failure Analysis Engineering Service

Failure Analysis

There are many causes for which a product can give unexpected failures during the manufacturing process, its transport or during the use made by the user. It is a priority for us to ensure the quality of your product, research the origin of the failure and determine the possible causes of why it has occurred in order to correct it.

Lifeme test and use tests

The launch of a product or its introduction into a new market can generate uncertainty. In many cases failures can occur due to a misuse of the product or a use for which the product is not designed. We study and simulate extreme conditions of use to detect premature deterioration of materials and prevent failures from occurring.

Accelerated aging

Extreme weather or unusual weather conditions can affect the characteristics and behavior of the product. The simulation of environmental conditions and use, and the evaluation of performance that we perform, allows the anticipation of possible failures that may take place, or determine the damage that a product could suffer throughout its lifetime.

Supplier Quality

The premature loss of product characteristics can come from a poor formulation of the material, or inadequate conditions of manufacturing in supplier. To be sure that a material has arrived in the right conditions, we perform composition analysis, determination of mechanical properties, comparisons between different references, etc …

Characterization and chemical composition

We detect contamination problems in parts or materials. We carry out characterization tests on any material or product to evaluate its quality and its physical, chemical, mechanical and thermal properties. We analyze the progressive loss of properties, fractures or defects. We investigate new raw materials and materials.

Technical consultancy

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What are the benefits of a failure analysis engineering service?



Improving the quality of a product


Determine malfunctions


Conflict resolution


Defective prevention


Productivity improvement

Some of our failure analysis engineering projects



Paint adhesion failures


Study of the appearance of corrosion in steel parts


Optimization of injection conditions in supplier for prevention of aesthetic defects


Characterization of defects in steel parts


Pollution in the painting process to avoid the release of the coating in the finishing stage


Analysis of the composition of a polymer supplied by supplier to determine the loss of product quality under certain climatic conditions


Simulation of conditions of use to identify the causes of breakage and mechanical failures of the product


Study of loss of benefits and appearance of defects due to maritime transport conditions

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