We are sure you have heard about 3D printing technology, and some of you might have one at home, in Mediamarkt you can find easily, of maybe in your work to prepare prototypes, small pieces or new designs. For all of you do not know it a brief quick introduction:

3D printing consists on the fabrication of 3D objects of one sole piece through the injection of a determined product that when heated it is melted and it is applied. The head can move in X-Y to give the desired shape and applies the melted plastic that in contact with air cools down and solidifies. Up to now the ‘printable’ products were principally plastics but today options are bigger!

This technology does not know limits and now it is possible: to print food! Food printers allow introducing a mixture of ingredients in the apparatus and gives different 3D shapes no reachable by other techniques. Some food designers and chefs are supporting this technology, especially focused in playful confectionery. We especially liked the chocolate piece Chocolate Globe from Rooovers and chef Wouter van Laarhoven. It has in the inner part different flavours representing a country and the exterior part it is a globe of 0.8 mm thickness with the origin country printed in edible gold.

Some of the challenges of this technology are printing speed and food texture which

In next posts, we will speak about 3D printing of organs: one of the next big progress in medicine.

Source: Nature