Industrial waste recycling

Eco-innovation and industrial and agri-food waste recovery

Eco-innovation, new opportunities for your business

In the Eco-innovation area we help our customers to find new business opportunities from recycling and recovery of materials and waste.

Waste can stop being considered as such and become part of another productive process, so it can have a second life. This is known as Circular Economy and is based on the principle of ” close the life cycle” of products.

In ATRIA we look for innovative solutions both to introduce recycled materials in your products, and also to find a way out of the waste that is currently discarded.

For Eco-innovate, it has to be recognized the importance of the challenges that sustainability poses for a long-term sector. In ATRIA we help you turn these challenges into opportunities.

Production processes lead to a large production of CO 2 , which generates a very high carbon footprint for companies. Therefore, it is important to control and reduce the unnecessary generation of waste. We can study your process and adapt it to make it more sustainable.



Waste with which we work in eco-innovation

Agri-food waste

We work with different wastes from the agri-food industry such as: washing waters, fruit leftovers, beet molasses, microalgae, pig purines …

Industrial waste

We work with industrial wastes such as ash, sulfur, polymers …

Our work in eco-innovation
and recycling of industrial waste

Waste characterization

To determine where or for what a waste or by-product can be used, it is necessary to know its composition and properties. Therefore, in the first place, it is necessary to carry out a characterization and analysis of the chemical composition to evaluate it.

Selection of the recovery technology

We look for applications and identify opportunities and make a diagnosis of the possible ways of recovery. We study the process of transformation or adaptation of the technology to reintroduce waste into the value chain.

Tests and prototypes

We elaborate the formula to manufacture the new product and test it. We carry out in our laboratory concept tests, demonstrators and prototypes to verify that the valued product is adequate and that it meets the necessary requirements.

Industry integration

Once recovery is done at laboratory, it is necessary to design the industrial extraction process that will be carried out. Our engineers can perform the selection of the industrial equipment, the design of the plant and all the necessary process.

Synergies. Do you need a partner?

We help you to establish collaborations and synergies to industrialize the project, in the search of commercial partners, suppliers and potential customers who find it beneficial to incorporate this waste into their production process.

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Commitment to the environment

We believe in recycling and recovery as a basis for designing and manufacturing more sustainable products and making industrial processes more efficient.

What can be achieved with eco-innovation and recycling of industrial waste?

We apply the Circular Economy to R&D and offer companies a global service so that they can carry out their most sustainable projects. Many times people does not know its waste potential. From our experience we know that “the waste of some are resources for others” .

Reduction of the CO 2 footprint
Cost saving
Reduction of waste generation
Profit generation for the sale of the valued waste
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