Do you want to know what we do with laser technology? Today in the post.

Laser technology has a wide range of applications in the industry, the best known being cutting and welding, it can also be applied to microperforation, surface texturing, paint or corrosion layer removal (Figure 1), surface thermal treatments, or aesthetic decoration and marking.

Figure 1: Laser cleaning 

In this post we will focus on aesthetic decoration and marking, which are the main applications that make laser technology due to its ability to digitize designs. Unlike the other highly industrialized marking and decoration technologies, such as screen printing, pad printing or hot stamping, laser marking does not require consumables such as inks or films or tools such as tampons or frames.

Figure 2: Decorative steel laser marking 

The digitalization also provides a great versatility of designs, being able to change, for example, to decorate the same motif from English to Chinese with a single mouse click (Figure 3). In addition, this technology only needs the designs by computer, making the step from design to production much faster (Figure 4).

Figure 3: Polymer and steel marking 

Figure 4: Computer design and PMMA marking 

Apart from the digitization of designs, it also presents other beneficial characteristics for the industry: high marking speed, very good aesthetic quality, a wide range of sizes that can be made (from a few micrometers as shown in figure 5, up to many centimeters), wide range of materials to work on, etc.

Figure 5: Glass Marking

ATRIA has experience developing aesthetic markings in aluminum, glass, different types of polymers (PMMA, PP, PS, PVC, ABS, PA) and stainless steel, ferritic, austenitic, even titanium!

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