Thought the blog was stopped? Wrong! Summer holidays are over and we are back with refilled batteries and exicitng news on robotics, materials and science. Today we want to talk about the World Robot Conference 2017, which took place in Beijing during the last five days.

Some of the most remarcable findings were for instance: Teotronico, a 53-finger pianist who plays the piano and sings at the same time; Alpha, a voice-controlled butler who can turn the lights on, switch on the TV, the air conditioner, even dance and read books; or Bestic, who can carefully feed people with reduced mobility with a spoon.

As you can see, robotics not only have space in big automotive factories, increasingly other sectors such as domestic, sanitary and entertainment are exploring the advantages of robotics. Robots can transform society as we know it nowadays, making life easier for people with disabilities, chronic illnesses, hospital patients, elders and children.

Check the video!