Augmented reality

Easier and more ergonomic display and communication in factories


Augmented reality systems for industry

Augmented reality for industry allows to transmit, in real time, extra information to the operator in an ergonomic and simple way, providing a substantial improvement in cycle time and quality.

We select the support/aid that best suits the needs of our customers. We complete the functionality of these systems incorporating computer vision, which increases the interactivity of the system with the operator or user.

What do we do in terms of augmented reality?


Selection of the suitable hardware

Based on the requirements of our customers, we select the format that best suits their needs: projector, screen or glasses. We also design and select the sensor necessary for the application, such as computer vision cameras, and the mechanisms and structures necessary for installation, such as profiles, rollers, automatisms, control in the case of projectors or electronic devices in the case of screens or smart glasses.

Software selection and preparation

We work with the main brands of augmented reality software, selecting the specific programs and environments suitable for each installation. In addition, we know specific programming languages ​​for tablets and glasses. We carry out all communications and information transmission within our system and abroad, allowing us to adapt to pre-existing systems.

Installation design and manufacturing

In ATRIA we design and prepare the installation based on our previous experience and the requirements of our customers. In collaboration with our partners we manufacture all the integration, from the anchors of the projector, to the placement of lighting and sensor. We also prepare and configure the tablets or glasses that will be used. Thanks to our extensive network of partners, our customer receives a turnkey installation based on augmented reality.

Technologies we implement in Augmented Reality

Industrial projectors

Information is projected on the work surface, so the information is visible at all times to the operator, and he does not have to carry any type of device.

Portable display device

These devices are used in variable work areas, such as maintenance or logistics. When focusing with the device on the work area, virtual information is displayed that helps to perform or preview the tasks.

Smart glasses

They provide virtual information leaving total freedom of movement for the operator. It is also posible to interact with virtual information.

What can we achieve with augmented reality?

Computer vision is a complement that provides robustness and intelligence to the augmented reality system, and allows us to develop applications that require greater precision and quality.
We focus our solutions to assembly lines and warehouse, and we can develop applications such as:


Interactive assistant for maintenance and reoperation tasks


Pick-to-light with augmented reality


Interactive tutorial for electronic board connection stations



Interactive guide for placing items in packaging


Dual AR + voice control system

Our augmented reality projects

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