In ATRIA we are constantly looking for challenges, and today we present a new one!

We have passed the first phase of the KATANA contest, which was to present an innovative idea related to agriculture and food, and therefore, we are ALREADY developing an App for children that combines augmented reality and < strong> visual recognition to promote good eating habits throughout the game.

The goal is for children to detect the fruit with the mobile screen using the Fruits AR Hunted application and a 3D pet encourages them to eat fruit and tells them the nutritional properties through challenges and games in an educational and entertaining way.

As children overcome the challenges, content that includes stories, videos and recipes are being unlocked.

Our challenge is to develop an App for the use of children and adults to turn eating fruit into a fun, educational and healthy action.

To develop all the content and make this App a reality, we have just launched the CrowdFunding campaign. Crowdfunding is a way to finance projects through donations and loans in which, for each contribution, a reward is obtained once the campaign has been successfully completed.

We have selected a series of rewards for the different contributions. We leave them below for you to take a look at:

For this campaign we have made a video in which we show how this application will work: We leave the link for you to watch the video:

Go ahead and participate! 😊