For the third consecutive year ATRIA has received the RSA award! This award recognizes socially responsible companies. A socially responsible company goes beyond legal requirements, which applies transparency in management and integrates responsible initiatives and practices, both in ethical, social or environmental areas voluntarily.

Values recognized by the RSA 2021 award include the following:

  • Minimize the impact generated by the company both in its direct environment and environment. Promote sustainability.
  • Transparency in management
  • Disclosure of knowledge

Within ATRIA’s strategic plan, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of the aspects that is reviewed and updated annually. Some CSR initiatives in which we are involved include recycling and reuse and the planting of trees annually to minimize our CO2 footprint.

In addition, within the strategy, both internal and external information transparency are also very important. In reference to the internal, for example, we hold periodic meetings where all the news are made known. Regarding external transparency, we maintain a responsible and ethical relationship with suppliers and apply principles of excellence in management and customer orientation.

This year we have placed special emphasis on our blog! For us, the #ATRIAblog goes beyond the commercial because they are an informative tool for society, we believe that part of our CSR is precisely, bringing technology not only to companies but also to students, technicians, scientists, experts, curious and society in general, congratulations to our enthusiastic writers!

In the DNA of ATRIA is innovation and continuous progress, for this reason, we are very proud to have received this award for another year, since for us it means the recognition of all these actions and it encourages us to continue improving!

Thank you very much to the team, customers, suppliers, and all those who in one way or another are part of ATRIA, this recognition is also yours!

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