Some months ago we introduced in the blog Mushroom® Packaging, a sustainable alternative to polystyrene, manufactured with agricultural waste and mushroom. Today we bring: agar packaging. Wrapping paper, bubble wrap,… Agar wants to banish these traditional paper and plastic packaging. Future is algae!

Agar has become a very popular ingredient in the top-chic restaurants, but furthermore, this traditional Asiatic thickener aims to become a sustainable packaging alternative to, for instance, bubble wrap or foam packaging. The jelly-like substance that is obtained after boiling and dewatering marine algae can be transformed into different textures. They have already developed 3 types of materials based in agar powder, not only with agar itself but also mixtures with other ingredients, as shell ash powder.


AGAR PLASTICITY is the name of project launched by AMAM which explores the potential of agar in packaging. AMAM is formed by young Japanese designers committed with the environment “More than 36% of materials used in packaging are non-biodegradable plastics” affirms one of its members, “we want to offer an environmentally-friendly alternative”.


And that’s exactly what they are doing! The recently-winners of the Lexus Design Award, warm up the engines for new materials, designs and business-partners. ¡Hope we can find them soon in the market!

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