we adapt new technologies to the factories and products of our clients


We optimize your processes and products thinking about future

Adapting new technologies

We adapt the latest technologies so that they can be used by the industry. All the knowledge generated in the project is yours, that’s why we always transfer all the know-how, so you can use the technology by yourself.

Your trusted engineering partner

We carry out the study, tests, application, development and industrialization of the technologies that can be adapted to your company to take it to the next level.

Technologies applied to your factory

We advise any company or entity that wants to know the real application of a technology in the market. We support your sustainable growth.

At the forefront of technology

We work within the sector day by day, discovering in real time the technologies used in the market. We are constantly evolving and growing.

Real problems solving

We look for solutions to concrete problems of the present, innovating in the answers and in the product thinking about the future.

We improve your company

We work with you to improve your company in five aspects: Savings, Efficiency, Productivity, Innovation and Market. We optimize the productivity of your processes.

Latest generation materials for technological companies

Materials engineering improves the performance of the product through changes or modifications of the material and its surface.

We use different technologies and strategies to solve quality problems and design innovative tests adapted to each of your products.

Industry 4.0
to make your factory more competitive

Industry 4.0 allows you to modernize, adapt and make the most of your processes more flexible, it improves the productivity and competitiveness.

Different industrial technologies such as robotics or artificial vision allow us to carry out automation processes until now unthinkable.

All our projects are based on rigorous analysis methods

Discover everything we have developed in ATRIA Innvation since our creation. Our team has carried out a multitude of projects of all kinds, both for clients and on their own initiative.

We have researched new materials and the latest technologies in robotics – collaborative and industrial -, artificial vision and augmented reality. All this with the aim of improving the productivity and efficiency of our customers and, at the same time, in order to develop the most innovative technological challenges.

Trust us

The most differentiating with any other partner, is the trust relationship and the perfect mix that they offer between technical knowledge and knowledge of our organization.

They provide a very agile, flexible, and extraordinarily personalized service.

We delegate tasks and projects in ATRIA such as proposals and prospecting for landing places, technical development, report writing and administrative management of the whole.


This was our first project with ATRIA and it was so effective, easy and quick.
The problem was solved within the bespoke timeline and we received regular updates. As we didn’t have the resources to conduct the development by ourselves, It’s great to have a partner that has the capabilities and machinery to support us.

Communication was always transparent and we’ll continue to rely on ATRIA for years. We have no doubt about it.


Since we met ATRIA, we were surprised by the ease with which we understood each other and found points of collaboration with them, obtaining exactly the results we were looking for.

They are able to integrate their engineering in each and every phase of the projects, also developing custom validation processes.

They have an enviable team, young and eager to investigate and work. From HMY we foresee a great future of mutual collaboration.


We work for a global network

At ATRIA Innovation we work with a great number of international companies that provide their services throughout the world. We understand the importance that the development of new technologies and intelligent and functional materials reach as many people as possible.

• Spain • United Kingdom • Germany • France • Slovenia • Italy • Poland • Turkey • United States •

Therefore, we face every challenge that comes to us with the objective of not only satisfying the needs of those who trust us, but also with the desire to investigate and develop new applications and uses in order to contribute to the global development of Technology, Science and Engineering.


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